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About us

Rylands Associates are an experienced team of surveyors and managers. We are pleased to take all management enquiries from residents management companies and freehold landlords. We understand the technical requirements of building management, and the importance of treating each building individually as its own business. We take pride in the quality of our management, it is in the forefront of our thinking that our work reflects the investment our customers have in the buildings we manage. Rylands Associates are managers of apartment buildings throughout England. It is our sole business and we like to concentrate on what we know.

We take pride in the quality of our management, it is in the forefront of our thinking...

Staff Profiles – Please note that these are in no order. Everyone is important

A selection of our team

Grant Cooper
Executive Chairman
Tracy Massey
Director of Operations
Claire Hamilton
Head of Property Management
Abby Brealey MIRPM
Assistant Head of Property Management
Hazel Entwistle
Office & Marketing Manager
Abbi Seadan
Property Manager
Jasmine Davison-Holmes
Property manager
Guy Gamon
Maintenance and Contracts Manager
Marc Cutler
Director of Accounts
Charlie Clutterbuck
Matt Goodbun
The Tea Lady
The office dog

Our office team

Our maintenance team

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