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What is ARMA-Q?

Why we have introduced ARMA-Q?

The leasehold management sector is currently unregulated so anyone can set up as a managing agent and start trading. This has led to inconsistencies in service levels and has dented consumer confidence in managing agents. The truth is that there are a lot of good managing agents out there and we want to make them stand out.

We remain optimistic that statutory regulation for all managing agents will be the long-term solution. In the meantime, ARMA-Q will benefit anyone using an ARMA member and help raise standards across the industry as a whole.

How will ARMA-Q Affect you?

ARMA-Q is designed to protect consumers in all areas of leasehold management. You will be able to measure the performance of your managing agent against a prescribed set of Standards.

So for example, if you're not happy with the level of service you are receiving, you will be able to call your managing agent to account against the appropriate ARMA-Q Standard.

Membership of ARMA is voluntary. So if your managing agent is signed up to ARMA-Q, they are showing a clear commitment to offering the best customer service when managing your property.

As the leading trade body for residential leasehold management, ARMA is also an important resource for leaseholders. We provide information on the leasehold system, help leaseholders understand the role of managing agents and enable them to get the most out of living in a leasehold flat.

Know your rights and responsibilities

If you live in a leasehold flat, it's important to understand the nature of this type of home ownership and to know your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder. It's also important to know how your building is being managed, who it's being managed by and what you can do if you run into problems.

In this section you can find out more about what it means to live in a leasehold flat. You can also find information about the role of managing agents and why you should use an ARMA member. Our Leasehold Library has dozens of free advice guides on the essential aspects of residential leasehold management - so don't forget to take a look.

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