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Code of Conduct

All staff at Rylands Associates must adhere to a strict code of practice when dealing with customers. Our full customer Code of Practice is listed below:

  •  To extend courteous and professional service to lessees and tenants and to members of the public. As far as is possible, to ensure that, in all their dealings, there is no bias and that all are treated equally;
  •  To maintain adequate records of all leases and tenancies and deal expeditiously with enquiries, particularly where information is required to assist in a sale
  •  To be aware, as far as is reasonably possible, of the terms of the leases and tenancies applicable to the property concerned and the effect of legislation and other relevant documentation, and to deal with lessees and tenants both in the spirit of the legal requirements as well as the letter of the law
  •  To ensure that procedures are in place to deal with repairs within an appropriate time scale having regard to the urgency of the matter and the availability of funds;
  •  To actively and regularly consult with any Residents' Associations
  •  To discuss and consult with all stakeholders, including Residents' Associations, where major works are contemplated, and to meet to the statutory requirements
  •  To have appropriate regard to views of representative groups of lessees and tenants, even where they are not a formally recognised Residents' Association
  •  To manage the premises by enforcing covenants for the common good, fairly and without favour where so instructed
  •  To disclose in writing to relevant parties any existing conflict of interest, or any circumstances which are likely to give rise to a conflict of interest
  •  To declare any interest in any contractor or business employed to provide services at the property that may be associated with the managing agent
  •  To place the fullest emphasis on any matter relating to health and safety and environmental legislation, bringing to the urgent attention of landlords and/or residents any areas of concern
  •  To use all reasonable efforts, both in the interests of landlords and tenants, to settle disputes by mediating and negotiating with all relevant parties
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